Samsung issues global Bixby updates ahead of Note 8 launch

Is Bixby finally on its way to Canadian S8 owners?

Back of Galaxy S8 smartphone

In a sign the global rollout of Bixby Voice is likely imminent, Samsung has started to push several Bixby-related updates to Galaxy S8 devices across the globe.

The company has issued updates to Bixby, Bixby PLM, Bixby Wakeup, Bixby Dictation and Bixby Global Action. At the same time, Samsung has yet to officially activate Bixby voice functionality in markets outside of the U.S. and South Korea. That said, the code is there and in place for the company to do so.

Bixby Voice updates

The move comes ahead of the Note 8’s launch this Wednesday,

According to Android Authority, some German users have said they’ve been able to use Bixby Voice following the updates. For its part, Samsung is being coy about whether the new software means voice functionality is coming.

“We have no news on [Bixby Voice] just yet,” said the Samsung U.K Support Centre Twitter account in response to a S8 owner asking about the updates. “Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for update.”

Last week, Samsung Canada confirmed it planned to launch Bixby Voice support in Canada soon.

Galaxy S8 owners outside of the South Korea have been waiting for Samsung’s personal assistant to support voice interaction since the launch of the S8.

According to a recent Korea Herald report, geographical and language issues between the multiple teams working on Bixby Voice across the globe are among some of the reasons Samsung has been slow to bring the personal assistant to English speakers.

Update: It’s confirmed. Samsung tweeted out that English speaking S8 owners will be able to start using Bixby on August 22nd.


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