APK teardown of Google beta app update reveals Google Assistant-enabled headphones

Google HQ

9t05Google APK teardown of the Google app’s latest beta update reveals information about Bisto, a set of headphones that run Google Assistant.

Update 7.10 revealed a series of strings of coding about the Bisto headphones. Firstly, the coding revealed that you’ll be able to ask the headphones questions, give them commands and that they’ll always be ready to help.

Following that coding, it is revealed that users will be able to hear your notifications and reply to notifications verbally. Meanwhile, another string of code shows the headphones will have a dedicated Google Assistant button, placed on the left ear cup, as well as another top button.

The headphones will require users to hold down the Google Assistant button to speak to the Google Assistant.

Lastly, the final coding shows that the headphones will receive over the air firmware updates and the setup process for the headphones.

Source: 9to5Google