You can get a lifetime of 2TB cloud storage for under $50

You’d be hard-pressed to debate the handiness and security that cloud storage brings to the table, but why should you be forced to pay a premium if you’re just looking to tuck some old files away for safekeeping? Unlike other storage solutions, Zoolz gives you the ability to preserve your essential data without paying extra for features you don’t need.

Zoolz Cloud Storage grants users lifetime access to 1TB of instant cloud storage and 1TB of cold storage. You can use instant storage to safeguard those files you use often, while cold storage is better-suited for that data you’re okay with stowing away for a while. However, if you do find yourself needing anything in cold storage, you can always retrieve it in 3 to 5 hours. Plus, with your data stored over multiple facilities and devices, you can trust that Zoolz will preserve your info reliably.

Zoolz also includes a host of features, such as bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention and more, to make the storage process simpler, and, what’s more, lifetime plans are on sale for a limited time. Now, you can sign up for Zoolz Cloud Storage: Lifetime of 1TB Instant Vault and 1TB of Cold Storage for only $63 CAD [$49.99 USD].

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