FCC filing hints at Sonos smart speaker


While Sonos has been rumoured to be working on a smart home speaker for some time now, a FCC filing spotted earlier today by Dave Zatz provides almost definitive confirmation.

The filing doesn’t provide too many details, it does reference a device named “Product model S13” that features far-field microphones designed to isolate voices within a room, a feature that’s found in other smart home speakers like the Amazon Echo. It also notes that S13 will work with “multiple voice platforms and music services.”

Sonos Smart Home Speaker

In other words, the filing strongly suggests Sonos’ smart speaker will work with a variety of digital assistants, making it an ideal choice for those that don’t want to be tied down to a specific ecosystem.

Lastly, the filing includes a diagram of the speaker’s user interface, which clearly features a microphone icon.

With the limited number of smart speaker choices in Canada and Sonos’ track record of releasing devices here, the prospect of a Sonos smart speaker is exciting news for Canadian consumers.

Source: FCC Via: The Verge