Samsung will reportedly unveil the Galaxy S9 in January

Samsung Galaxy S9

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was only revealed last week, the rumour mill has uncovered more information about the still unannounced Galaxy S9, a phone that’s likely set to be the first of Samsung’s 2018 flagship devices.

The most recent of the leaks comes from The Bell, a South Korean publication, which reports that the Galaxy S9 will be unveiled two months earlier than its predecessor. While the most recent entries in the S series, the Galaxy S8 and the S8+ were revealed in March of last year, it appears the S9 might be unveiled at the end of January and released in mid-February.

The earlier reveal date is due to the smartphone’s OLED panel shipments starting in November, which is two months earlier than Galaxy S8 shipments. Display panels tend to be shipped earlier than the other parts of a smartphones, according to the South Korean publication. After the displays are shipped devices then take nearly two to three months to assemble.

Samsung is reportedly doing this to protect phone sales from it’s biggest competition, Apple and its upcoming iPhone 8. Additionally, if Samsung opts to release its flagship S device earlier,  it will also beat out LG’s G series of devices, which are usually unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February.

Source: The Bell, via The Investor