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SyrupCast Podcast Ep. 136: AR wars and the battle of the phablets


This week on the SyrupCast, Igor Bonifacic, Rose Behar, Ted Kritsonis, and Patrick O’Rourke dig into the pending rivalry between Google and Apple’s AR offerings.

WWDC this year brought us ARKit from Apple, but there is now another option for developers — ARCore from Google. As the consumer version of iOS 11 is hitting phones in a few weeks, this arms race is bound to continue heating up.

With the Samsung Note series back in action and the LG V30 recently revealed, the SyrupCast is comparing and contrasting flagship phones. Ted and Patrick were both at the release events and give their thoughts on what both phones have to offer.

Tune in to hear the SyrupCast team’s thoughts.

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Hosts: Igor Bonifacic, Rose Behar, Ted Kritsonis, and Patrick O’Rourke

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Total runtime: 38:48
ARcode vs ARKit: 2:00
V30 vs Note 8: 19:00
Shoutouts: 32:52

Ted’s shoutout goes to Houston and all of the efforts going to disaster relief. Rose is talking about Sony and their flagship phone. Patrick, during the #SwitchMinute, gives a shoutout to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Finally, Igor’s shoutout goes to Wind River.