You can save hundreds on a lifetime of professional Microsoft Excel training

The job market is shifting, and demand is growing for employees who possess a solid background in today’s top digital tools. Take Microsoft Excel for example, one of the most popular office applications on the planet, which allows users to turn mounds of information into meaningfully organized spreadsheets.

Whether you’re keeping tabs on your department’s finances, tracking key performance indicators on a project, or just cataloging information, Microsoft Excel is a tremendously versatile tool for organizing data, and understanding its ins and outs is a smart way to broadcast your value to your boss or potential employers.

With a lifetime subscription to eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School, you can start flaunting your Excel knowledge with 8 expert-led courses.

Learning from Microsoft-approved experts, you’ll develop a working knowledge of Excel, its formulas, and applications. You’ll discover how to create reports and analyze raw mounds of data using time-saving formulas. Plus, upon completing the training, you’ll receive a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate, validating your knowledge so you can impress on the job hunt. And, since the eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School subscription lasts a lifetime, you’ll get access to continually updated content, allowing you to bolster your knowledge well into the future.

Now, you can pick up a lifetime subscription to eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School on sale for $25 CAD [$20 USD].

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