Apple’s Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones are available now for $399.95

beats studio 3 wireless headphones in porcelain rose

Apple has updated its Beats Studio headphones, available to order today.

The new Studio 3 Wireless headphones are priced at $399.95 CAD and feature Apple’s W1 chip. The headphones also promise advanced noise cancellation, redesigned internals and increased battery life.

The new Beats Studio are mostly just a larger over-the-ear variant to the previous Solo 3 Wireless, at least on the outside. Apple has updated the ear cushion for extended comfort and added noise isolation.

The W1 chip upgrade, as previously mentioned, makes pairing with iPhone, iPads and Macs a lot easier. Additionally when paired with devices that also have the W1 chip the Studio 3 headphones should have up to 22 hours of battery life and with the noise cancellation feature turned off, the headphones should last up to 40 hours, according to Apple.

The new Studio 3 features Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling (Pure ANC) that will actively block external noise, when the feature is on. The Pure ANC functionality also calibrates audio in real time to preserve clarity, range and emotion, according to Apple. Pure ANC will constantly check the external sound in your surroundings and adjust how much noise cancellation is required. The device can also compensate for sound leakage and takes about five seconds to adjust from one environment to the other.

Included within the headphones functionalities is the ability to take calls, skip songs, control your volume and activate Siri. Additionally, the headphones now have Class 1 Bluetooth that allows for longer range and also has better battery efficiency. Apple claims with a 10-minute charge gives users 3 hours of play.

The headphones come in six colour variants: blue, red, grey with gold accents, porcelain rose, matte black and white.

You can check out these new Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones here. Note that Apple’s website says the headphones will not ship until mid October.