YouTube Live now lets you stream iPhone and iPad apps

YouTube app ios

Google has updated YouTube Live with new iOS features, giving users the ability to livestream apps directly from their iPhones and iPads with the tech giant’s livestreaming platform.

This allows users to livestream their screen when using apps and could come in handy for those interested in livestreaming videos games or in terms of documenting the creation of digital art projects. The device’s front-facing camera and microphone also record stream reactions as well as commentary.

Any app that supports Apple’s ReplayKit development framework is supported by the new feature, according to a report from Engadget.

The moderation tools surrounding live chats have also been improved across all of YouTube Live’s supported platforms, allowing inappropriate comments to be more quickly removed, as well as an automated system that flags potentially problematic messages.

Lastly, Google has also added a new mode the company says allows for ultra-low latency, allowing streamers to interact with viewers in real-time.

YouTube first launched its livestreaming service back in 2013 and then gaming-focused livestreaming platform YouTube Gaming in 2015. Google’s main competitor in the livestreaming space, particularly when it comes to video games, is Amazon-owned Twitch.

YouTube is available in the iOS App Store.

Source: Google