Freedom’s $40/6GB and $50/8GB weekend flash sale is back once more

freedom mobile new lte plans - freedom bear

Freedom Mobile’s recurring weekend flash sales show no sign of stopping.

The carrier is once again offering the two data-rich plans that have been available over the past four weekends, this time between September 8th and 11th.

The first offer is its Smartphone 40 plan, but with triple the regular data at 6GB. The plan also features unlimited Canada-wide talk and global text.

The second promotional deal is a reduced price version of the Everywhere 59 plan. The limited-time $50 offer carries unlimited Canada-wide talk and global text in addition to 2,400 minutes and 1GB of data in the U.S.

Both are available to new customers who activate on either a ‘Pay Before’ or ‘Pay After’ line.

As for compatibility with other promotional offers, the plans are only stackable with MyTab Bonuses, Better Together Savings and the Refer a Friend program.

Source: Freedom Mobile