Toronto-developed Astroidz is a fun and challenging space adventure [Game of the Week]


Astroidz is a iPhone space-based puzzle game that is, impressively, developed by the Toronto’s own Boston Trudeau (BT) Studios, which is solely made up of Chris Trudeau.

BT Studios has made a number of other mobile games in the past, such as Ninja Stars and Halloween Smash. Now, Trudeau wants to take players to the stars in a fun and challenging space adventure. In Astroidz, you control an asteroid that you navigate through outer space to avoid crashing into any objects.

The asteroid is easy to control thanks to simple finger-sliding touch screen controls. The difficulty, however, comes from the level design.

The game is quite challenging, throwing various other asteroids, spikes and other hazards your way as the levels progress. It rarely feels unfair, with most of my deaths stemming from the fact that I got too impatient.

astroidz game

There are missions you can complete or a randomized arcade mode which sends all sorts of obstacles your way.

You can also unlock over 10 additional asteroids using the orbs that you collect throughout the levels. The more advanced asteroids can take more hits than the standard one you start off with.

astroidz mobile game

Because it’s a free-to-play game, there are ads that show up once in a while, but they thankfully aren’t too intrusive.

The game is available on iOS, with an Android version coming in the next few weeks.