Rumoured Apple TV 4K to feature three-core A10X Fusion CPU and 3GB of RAM

Apple TV remote

With Apple’s big hardware event only a day away, leaks and rumours about its three smartphones and the newest Apple Watch have come pouring in. It seems the upcoming Apple TV is no exception, as well, with tipster Steve Troughton-Smith sharing new information about one of Apple’s newest products.

Troughton-Smith, an Irish programmer who writes iPhone software, tweeted out some information he discovered while analyzing firmware files.

The new ‘Apple TV 4K’ will allegedly be powered by a three-core A10X Fusion chip, like the one found on the iPad Pro models, with 3GB of RAM. This will significantly increase graphics performance as the current Apple TV only contains an A8 chip with 2GB of RAM.

Trought0n-Smith says the the Apple TV carries such a performance-heavy SoC because the A10 series might be required to play 4K 60FPS content. This would make sense with other rumours indicating that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X will shoot in 4K 60FPS.

While analyzing the files Trougton-Smith also found out that the new Apple TV will support two types of high dynamic range visuals (HDR): HDR10 and Dolby Vision, as found on Netflix.

Along with the new Apple TV 4K, new partnerships with major content providers are expected, in an effort to create an ecosystem of 4K movies and TV shows to play on the Apple TV. Such content would include 4K HDR on iTunes and third-party apps that will also support the higher resolution.

Source: Steve Troughton-Smith