Instagram Stories can now be sent to friends in Direct

Instagram app on HTC U11

Instagram users will now be able to send stories from Direct to their friends. Stories are photo or video statuses that vanish after 24 hours, similar to how Snapchat works.

To share Instagram Stories from Direct, tap the ‘direct’ icon in the bottom right corner, select the friend or group with whom you want to share it and tap ‘send.’

Similarly, when a friend shares a story with you, it will show up in your Direct inbox. Once the original story disappears from the app, the story shared in your message thread will no longer be available.

Those who don’t want their stories shared by other people can turn off the function in the stories settings.

Instagram says the update will be rolling out around the world “over the coming weeks” and will be available on iOS and Android as part of Instagram version 11.0 of the app.

Since launching in August 2016, Instagram Stories have amassed over 250 million users — surpassing rival social media platform Snapchat.

Source: Instagram