Ninja Stars is a fun Ninja-themed mobile game similar to Flappy Bird [Game of the Week]

While Boston Trudeau Studios recently released a game for iPhone called Astroidz, I wanted to look back at one of the developer’s recent Android titles — Ninja Stars, a fast-paced Ninja-themed mobile game.

Ninja Stars wasn’t what I expected from a small studio game. The title features five game modes that all play similarly, but still have the potential to lead to hours of enjoyment.

Ninja Stars

The first game I tried out was ‘Ninja Climb,’ which is a vertical moving game where the goal is to get higher and higher without dying by tapping the screen. Dying can happen pretty easily, as touching nearly any surface will kill your little ninja avatar. During the climb to the top, your ninja avatar collects boost and points in the shape of shuriken.

Ninja Climb I found entertaining enough on its own, but Ninja Stars also comes with four other game modes, such as the Flappy Bird-styled mode titled, ‘The Wrong Way.’ This mode has users tap on their screen to go up or down in order to avoid a variety of obstacles trying to kill the player. The Wrong Way works similar to one of the other games called ‘The Upside Down,’ which uses the same premise, but has the gravity turned off, making your ninja avatar gravitate upward instead of downward.

Ninja Stars screenshot

Additionally, both game modes have artistically drawn backgrounds, though none are overly dramatic and distracting. While Upside Down and The Wrong Way only have four levels, ‘Endless Challenge’ works the same way as Ninja Climb, though the game continues until you die.

Lastly, Adventure Mode is another variant of The Wrong Way, however, this mode comes with 20 levels and is available in easy, medium and hard modes.

Ninja Stars doesn’t offer much variety in its modes, though it’s possible to have all the above options in one single game. The gems and shuriken your little ninja collects allows users to buy new avatars such as one named ‘Shadow Fox’ and another by the name of ‘Taco Kitty.’

Ninja Stars is available for free on Android and iOS.