One person’s trash is another person’s treasure with ‘Geev’ [App of the Week]

Geev app

Have you ever seen something that’s been left at the side of the street for garbage pickup and thought, “hey, that’s not bad, maybe I could use that?” Maybe it was a piece of furniture, or a cabinet, or even an electronic — either way, you may have wanted it.

Well, for those who partake in ‘dumpster diving,’ the new Geev app wants to make the process of finding and receiving unwanted goods much easier.

With Geev, you’ll be able to post items you no longer want that others can pickup for free, and vice-versa. The app won’t give out your exact address to others until they’ve messaged you and you choose to share it. Instead, it will help others find your posts in a 600-metre perimeter.

Geev app

To encourage a fair balance of giving and receiving, Geev has also gamified the entire process. Once you’ve begun using the app, you’ll find that you have a level under ‘My Profile’ — ‘Rank 1 — Baby Geever.’ With this rank, you have one banana; each time you message someone to request an item, you spend one banana.

However, you can earn more bananas the more you give. You’ll earn points to increase your rank by giving, receiving and marking abandoned items you’ve found on the street that others may like. As you rack up points and rank up, the number of bananas you earn will be dependent on what level you’ve reached.

Geev app

For example, at Rank 2 you’ll become a ‘Little Geever’ and receive two bananas, while Rank 3 will give you three bananas, and so on and so forth. Alternatively, one banana will also grow back every 9 hours.

Geev is available to download for free on iOS and Android.