Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart is a family-friendly iOS game

Comedian Kevin Hart is now starring in his own mobile game called ‘Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart.’

Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart was developed by StandUp digital, and is a combination of a runner game, like Temple Run, and a builder-style game like Clash of Clans. The game features Hart, his wife and his children Hendrix and Heaven, who all have their own unique powers and look to them. Though the star comedian often uses explicit language in the movies, shows and comedy routines, this game is completely family friendly.

“I’m making the game fun but I’m also making it family-friendly without forcing that down people’s faces,”said Hart in an interview with Engadget, “It’s a game for everybody.”

Within the game the player’s goal is to lay down traps to stop attackers and defeat opposing castles by avoiding their traps and raiding their gold and other valuable resources.

The game itself is not new — it was first launched earlier this summer, but without Kevin Hart as the central character. After it was released, it became a favourite game for Hart’s two kids. With his connections with Pinxter, the company that combined with Poly Play to create StandUp Digital, Hart began a full partnership with the developer to create Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart.

Standup Digital is planning on building an empire of mobile games that feature celebrities just like this one.

The timing of the game’s release, however, is less than ideal, due to the cheating scandal Hart’s currently embroiled in. Though Hart posted an apology to his wife and children on his Instagram, this “family friendly” game might be difficult for some people to swallow.

Decide yourself if Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart is worth playing — it’s available now on the App store.

Source: Engadget and Newswire