Freedom launches 12-day flash sale of $40/6GB and $50/8GB plans

Freedom Mobile’s flash sale is back again and this time it’s sticking around for longer than a weekend — 12 full days, in fact.

From September 21st until October 2nd, Freedom is offering new customers the Smartphone 40 plan with 6GB of data total. The plan is a standard Smartphone 40 — featuring unlimited Canada-wide talking and global text — with an additional 4GB of data.

New Freedom customers will also have the chance to activate a promo Everywhere 50 plan and receive 8GB of home data and 1GB of away data for $50. This Everywhere 50 plan is packed with the same features as the Everywhere 59 plan, which includes unlimited Canada-U.S. talk and global text, but at a lower price point.

The two plans are available to both ‘Pay After’ and ‘Pay Before’ customers. The promos remain active as long as accounts are in good standing, and can only be combined with the ‘Better Together Savings,’ the ‘Refer-a-Friend program,’ and any applicable MyTab Bonus offer.

While the plans are not officially meant to be available to existing customers, an insider source tells MobileSyrup that it is possible for existing customers to switch to the plans by calling in to customer care or requesting the change in-store — though there’s no guarantee that tactic will work.

The fact that this is the longest promo time period yet may indicate the carrier means to make this is likely a last-hurrah for the promo — which means if you’re interested, it’s likely advisable to take advantage soon.

Source: Freedom Mobile