Rogers to debut new data management tool called ‘Stream Saver’


Rogers will soon enable a new feature in the data management section of its MyRogers app called ‘Stream Saver,’ allowing customers to toggle off HD streaming for popular media streaming and social media platforms.

When it came to managing monthly wireless bills in the past, the primary concern for most people was airtime, with most wireless subscribers complaining about random 1-900 numbers appearing on their bills.

Today, most people count megabytes instead of airtime minutes and the main wireless complaint telecoms get relate to billing and data overages. Since telecoms charge data overage fees per megabyte, it’s extremely hard to keep track of how much data every user on a single plan consumes.

And tracking how much data each user consumes in a multi-user plan is important.

Canada’s largest carrier ended Q2 2017 with a total wireless subscriber base of 10,399,000. Average revenue per account (ARPA) was $124.31, up an astonishing $8.25 year over year. Upon revealing those results, Rogers stated that the reason for the surge was due to “the continued adoption of higher-value Share Everything plans.”

According to our own sources, Rogers is attempting to combat this issue by adding new features to its Family Data Manager that put additional controls in the hands of Share Everything plan account holders.

Rogers will update the Worry-Free Data Management section of its MyRogers app with a new feature called “Stream Saver.” An internal document obtained by MobileSyrup reveals this will “help customers watch up to 3 times more of what they love.”

To accomplish this claim, Rogers will enable a toggle that account-owners can use to turn on mobile “non-HD” streaming on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other popular services that have high definition and 4K content available. The toggle can control all the numbers on your account individually and limit streaming quality so your kids don’t blow through your monthly data allotment in minutes.

It should be noted that this route is far more customer-friendly than the current tactic taken by U.S. carriers, where streaming quality is limited and “full quality” costs extra.

According to MobileSyrup’s information, this feature is scheduled to debut in the coming days, possibly on September 26th.

Rogers declined to comment on the rollout of the upcoming tool.