Tim Cook ‘couldn’t be happier’ about the launch of the iPhone 8, says report

Tim Cook

This morning Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped in at an Apple Store — now known as Town Squares — in Palo Alto, California, for the launch of the iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 and the Apple TV 4K.

In a quick interview with CNBC, Cook said that he’s thrilled about the launch.

“Here’s what we’re seeing right now. The watch with LTE — the Series 3 Watch — we are sold out in so many places around the world. And we’re working really hard to meet demand. We’ve sold out of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in some stores, but we’ve got good supply there. You can see what’s going on here this morning — I couldn’t be happier,” said Cook in the interview.

During the launch Cook commented about the connectivity issues the Apple Watch Series 3 has been experiencing.  “It has to do with the handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular, and we’ll fix that. It only happens in a rare number of cases. I’ve been using it for quite a while and it works great. So we’re very happy about it,” said Cook.

Cook might be thrilled about about the launch of the iPhone 8, but Reuters reported a “bleak turnout” in Australia, as well as a muted launch in Asia. Even in Ontario’s Greater Toronto Area, MobileSyrup reported that it appears quite easy to get your hands on the iPhone 8. The lack of interests in the iPhone 8 could possibly be due to many are waiting for the launch of the iPhone X, as well as the the expansion of Apple’s online ordering system.

Source: CNBC