Google Home can now set voice-controlled reminders

Google Home

Google Home is now capable of setting reminders through voice commands thanks to a new software update to the voice-activated assistant.

Google confirmed the new feature is coming to Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Australia, with French language support coming soon, according to a post on the company’s official blog. One-off, non-reoccurring reminders can be set daily, weekly or even months in the future, with a simple voice command.

The tech giant’s voice-activated assistant is also capable of understanding the context of your reminder as well. For example, if you tell Google Home to set a reminder to bring your Nintendo Switch to work in the morning at 6am as you’re getting ready to go to sleep, it will know that you want that reminder set for the morning.

If you’re using an Android device running M and above, reminders set through Home will also show up on your smartphone — reminders, however, will not pop up in the iOS Home app.

Amazon’s Echo and Alexa, which still aren’t officially available in Canada, has featured this functionality since June. Apple’s voice-activated assistant Siri has also been able to contextual add reminders for years, though only through the iPhone and iPad.

Just a few weeks ago Google added multi-user support to Home, allowing the device to detect who is actually speaking to it in order to bring up user-specific information.

Source: Google Via: Android Police