Google reportedly to launch ‘Made for Google’ third-party accessory certification program

google pixel bluetooth

With the launch of the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and plethora of other products on the horizon, Google will introduce a new ‘Made for Google’ certification program for third-party accessory makers, according to 9to5Google.

Citing three different sources, the website says it doesn’t have too many details about the upcoming program other than the name. The assumption, however, is that the initiative will work a lot like Apple’s MFi certification program.

That is, Google will provide select accessory manufacturers documentation, hardware samples and technical support, as well as the opportunity for those manufacturers to use a ‘Made for Google’ stamp on their products. The initiative will likely lead to a greater variety of third-party accessories like cases and battery packs making it out to the marketplace.

9to5Google writer Stephen Hall has since tweeted that a major component of the certification will be USB-C charging consistency and compliance. That’s according to an unverified source, says Hall, but it does make sense; in the past, we’ve seen some USB-C cables, such as the one OnePlus sold alongside the OnePlus 2, not meet all the technical and safety requirements put forward by USB Working Group.

There’s also no word on when Google will announce the program. However, the company’s Pixel 2 event this week is likely a good bet.