Samsung says Note 7 incident gave the company a chance to reflect


Samsung has published a feature on its news site that discusses the Note 7 combustion recall and assures readers its already hard at work on the Note 9.

In an interview posted to Samsung’s media site, two members of Samsung’s global product planning team for mobile, BJ Kang and Cue Kim, discussed the process of planning and developing the Note 8.

“Following the Galaxy Note 7 incident, Samsung Mobile Communications Business, which had been moving forward so quickly, had the chance to reflect on the core benefits that Note users require of their device,” said Kang, adding that the product planning process for the Note 8 was “far more intense” than ever before.

“We also extended the assessment period to ensure maximum safety,” continued Kang.

Safety reassurances are nothing new from the company, but it has rarely touched on the ramifications of the Note 7 issue, which according to this release, seems to be a more cautious and calculated approach to planning and development.

Above: Cue Kim (left) and BJ Kang.

“Whereas before, we took a more ‘big picture’ approach when considering which features to add or innovations to apply, with the Galaxy Note8, we really wanted to hone in on the needs of our users,” said Kim.

This cautious approach made for a more iterative Note 8 than the ultimately doomed Note 7, which was lauded as one of the best plus-sized Androids before the battery began overheating and combusting, leading to two major recalls and a permanent end to production.

Towards the end of the interview, Kang also noted that the company is already at work planning the next Note.

“Usually, when one project comes to an end, we have a small break before moving on to the next,” said Kang, “But this time, we’re not taking any breaks, even though the Galaxy Note 8 product planning process was so challenging.”

In particular, Kang stated the company was “looking for ways to improve upon signature features like the S Pen,” providing a small teaser for next year’s device.

Source: Samsung