Persona 5 fans can text their friends with the Persona 5 IM App [App of the Week]

persona 5 IM and wallpaper screenshot

Persona 5 is an anime-inspired Japanese role playing game (JRPG) originally released in Japan, but that later made its way to North America this year.

Persona 5 allows its players to build friendships, battle with a stylish turn-based combat system, and level up powerful Personas.

Personna 5 IM screenshot

MobileSyrup staff writer Brad Shankar reviewed Persona 5 and called it the best JRPG of the last decade. If you happen to share the same opinions as Brad, which means you think highly of the Atlus-developed game, these two apps might be for you.

First off is the Persona 5 messenger app dubbed, ‘Persona 5 IM App.’ Persona 5 IM App is a fun way to change up your SMS in case you’re tired of the standard Android messaging app. While the app doesn’t do anything particularly special, it is very pretty to look at. In the messaging app users are able to enable fancy animations, display names and numbers within conversation threads, change themes and alter the device’s notification LED light  — which matches the titles of the different confidants in the game.

Persona 5 app

The animations in the app are actually quite fancy and share reminiscent of Persona 5. While you can contact your friends with the app, you unfortunately can’t transfer into a Palace to cleanse a distorted heart.

The second app is the P5 Wallpaper app which features an assortment of wallpapers

Users can download the Persona 5 IM app and the P5 Wallpaper app only on Android.