Samsung says it’s ready to start manufacturing 8-nanometre chips

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Three months ahead of schedule, Samsung announced on Wednesday that it has qualified its 8-nanometre chipmaking process. The company is now ready to start manufacturing its smallest silicon yet.

According to Samsung, its new 8-nanometre chips use 10 percent less power and are 10 percent smaller than its previous 10-nanometre silicon. However, Samsung will make the new chips using the same ‘lower power plus’ (LLP) process, which will allow the company to switch over to manufacturing 8-nanometre chips without much fuss.

Moving forward, the company will need to perfect its extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technique before it’s able to make even smaller chips.

In September 2017, Samsung announced it was on track to start mass production of 7-nanometre chips — the first of the company’s silicon to be made with its new EUV process — in the first half of 2018.