New ‘made for Google’ site links to verified third-party accessory makers

Google has debuted a new ‘made for Google’ site featuring links to third-party brands that adhere to the company’s standards and stock products with the official ‘made for Google’ badge — including the Google Assistant-enabled Libratone Q Adapt headphones (shown above) and Pixel 2 Otterbox Defender case.

“The ‘made for Google’ badge signifies that a product was designed by one of our leading accessory partners,” reads the website’s copy.

“Whether it’s a Pixel phone case, earphones or a docking station for your Pixelbook, you can be sure it’s compatible with your Google device and meets our standards.”

Google’s approval is particularly helpful when it comes to USB Type-C products, as third-party connectors, particularly chargers, can have a significant negative impact on the health of one’s device and lead to some dangerous situations. 

The simple website contains only black and white logos with accompanying links to the third-party partners, which include Belkin, Case-Mate, Otterbox, Kate Spade and Under Armour.

Check out the site here.

Via: Android Police