Apple will soon let developers discount in-app subscriptions

But only if you've signed up for auto-pay

iPhone X display screen

Apple has plans to give app developers more freedom when it comes to introductory pricing levels for in-app subscriptions.

This news stems from the iOS 11.2 beta’s release notes, according to 9to5Mac. New pricing plans will include initial discount options that aim to attract new subscribers, but only when auto-pay is enabled, which might not appeal to all users.

App creators were previously only able to be utilize single-use free trials in order to encourage new subscribers to sign-up for continued monthly auto-pay. It’s unclear when iOS 11.2 is set to be released, though it should drop at some point in the near future given Apple’s recent rapid release schedule.

This shift won’t significantly change the app subscription experience from a user perspective, but it’s a big shift for app developers when it comes to offering customers a plan option that falls between a free trial and a full-price, multi-month subscription.

Last year, Apple cut its App Store subscription revenue from 30 percent down to 15 percent, as long as the user signs up for more than 12 months. Given that revenue stemming from Apple’s services division, including the App Store, is now larger than the iPad, Apple Watch and even its Beats headphones division, it makes for Apple to give developers more freedom when it comes to incentivizing new subscribers.

Source: 9to5Mac Via: The Verge