Magic Rampage is an addicting mobile RPG with druids, mages and rogues

I definitely didn’t expect Magic Rampage to be such an addicting mobile game. On one occasion while I was playing, I frustratingly missed my bus stop — while annoying it shows just how fun I found the game.

Magic Rampage is an RPG-style two-dimensional side scrolling adventure. The game starts off with the player choosing his or her own class — unfortunately the game doesn’t include races. The player can select from black mage, druid, mage, paladin, priest, ranger, rogue, thief, warlock and lastly warrior. Each class also has bonus attributes, such as the black mage having a plus 27 percent magic power increase, plus 3 percent peed increase and a plus 2 percent jump impulse which allows the characters to jump a little higher.

Additionally each class has its own special ability, such as Druid’s power to summon a spider minion to aid it in battle. The player also gets to choose their character’s glove and eye colour.

The adventure starts off with a warlock, a dungeon and a knight. The knight is trying to protect her king from a warlock and recruits someone who she believes is a soldier from her guard to defend the king. In magic rampage, you play as the soldier and are tasked with fighting an assortment of zombies, skeletons and large spiders, in order to get to the throne room.

Each stage is an extension of the dungeon and is filled with traps, puzzles and secret areas. There are also coins and diamonds to collect within each level, which results in more gold to use at the shop.

While at the shop, players can buy armour, weapons and rings for their character. Read the descriptions, as each item has specific attributes and elements. Speaking of elements, most of the classes have an element associated with them that provides a bonus to their weapons and armour. Druids give a bonus towards water and earth elemental weapons and armour, while daggers get a bonus from the rogue class. Elemental armour can also protect the player against hazardous terrain. Some traps include fire, and spikes. Fire armour protects the player from fire while air elemental armour protects the player from spikes.

While your character doesn’t actually level up throughout the game, you do get access to better weapons and armour which allows you to fight stronger enemies. Finally, after a number of dungeons in a row there is a bonus dungeon which can earn the player a lot more gold for the player to buy.

What I’ve found quite annoying were how many coins you’re able to get during the game. Users can purchase more gold with micro transactions within the app and unfortunately this is the best way to get additional gold.

Players can always revisit stages to collect more gold, try to visit all of the secret areas and collect the three diamonds available in each stage.

The quick combat, the variety of armor and weapons, and the enemies kept me entertained for hours.

Magic Rampage is available on the App Store and the Play Store for free.