Apple recommends workarounds for new ‘I.T.’ autocorrect bug

apple smartphone with screen on - third ios 10.3 beta

Apple is facing yet another autocorrect issue.

Not long after Apple resolved an issue in which iOS 11.1 users saw the single letter ‘i’ autocorrecting to ‘A[?],’ MacRumours reports that at least a few hundred iPhone users have complained about the word ‘it’ autocorrecting to ‘I.T’ on iOS 11 or later.

Affected users say ‘I.T’ pops up after writing ‘it,’ unless they select ‘it’ as a QuickType suggestion or backspace to retype. Additionally, some users are reporting the same issue is occurring with ‘is’ transforming into ‘I.S.’ The reports have reportedly trickled in since late September, shortly after iOS 11 was released.

Many users are claiming the issue remains even after rebooting and other basic troubleshooting, including — in some instances — text replacement. According to some users, Apple is recommending users reset the keyboard dictionary. Users can do this through the following path: Settings > General >Reset and then ‘Reset Keyboard Dictionary.’

For some, this workaround has been successful, but still others are reporting it didn’t fix the glitch. Of course, turning off autocorrect also works to fix the issue — but obviously isn’t ideal.

Apple will likely roll-out a fix for the issue in an upcoming update, as it did with the ‘[A?]’ issue.

Source: MacRumours, Apple Insider