LG appoints new CEO and CTO to its mobile division

LG V30

After reporting losses in its mobile division amounting to $117 million USD, LG Electronics has appointed a new CEO of LG Mobile Communications.

Hwang Jeong-hwan, who has spent a number of years in the research and development sector at LG, is now the president and CEO of the LG’s mobile division. Jeong-hwan is also credited as having a significant hand in developing one of LG’s first smartphones back in 2009, likely the LG Eve — also known as the LG InTouch Max.

LG Jeong-hwan is replacing former president Juno Cho, who is set to join LG’s parent company.

Cho isn’t the only executive who has been replaced either. Former chief technology officer, Dr. Skott Ahn, will also take up a new position within the larger LG company. Dr. Park Il-pyung, who was the South Korean company’s head of Software Centre, will replace Ahn.

LG has also appointed Han Chang-hee to LG’s head of Global Marketing Center, while Brian Nah will assume the role of president of LG’s Western Europe operations.

The Seoul-based company is also establish the B2B Company which will oversee and improve business-to-business product sales.

All of the appointments are to take place on December 1st, with promotions following on the January 1st.

Source: LG