BlackBerry CEO John Chen says the company is ‘in the innovation business’

The former Canadian hardware giant has recently pivoted to take on a more software-focused role

BlackBerry CEO John Chen offered some words of reflection on his time as the leader of the Canadian brand.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Chen briefly took time to discuss his role as BlackBerry’s CEO, while also briefly touching on some of the developments that have taken place since he took over.

“When I came to run BlackBerry, I knew at the time that we have to have a financial change to model of that business,” said Chen, in his interview with Bloomberg. “So one of the most important things is to gain a good essence of what the technology and know how of the company — and software and security happen to be that [for BlackBerry].”

Chen’s comment come in the wake of BlackBerry’s pivot away from being a device manufacturer — Chinese hardware manufacturer TCL is currently the company in charge of building BlackBerry-branded devices — to being a software provider.

Interesting is that Chen described BlackBerry as an “IT company.”

“BlackBerry is an IT company, it’s in the innovation business,” said Chen in the same interview. “So technology both inside — how we run the company — as well as what we deliver to the market…it’s the only critical success factor.”

Chen’s interview was brief, and was part of Bloomberg’s Inspire series created in partnership with Hewlett Packard.

Source: Bloomberg