The Android P guessing game has already begun

Android Mascot

The release of Android P is months away, and yet people are already trying to guess what the P stands for.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee predicts that the next iteration of Android will be called Android Peppermint and has even gone as far to paint his little Android in red and white.

Meanwhile Google executive Hiroshi Lockheimer teased Android Peppermint Pocky in a tweet responding to Brownlee. Lockheimer has teased information about Android before, but it’s unclear whether this is an actual clue or just an off-hand joke.

Each Android installment goes by the name of a tasty treat, and last year’s Android Oreo was pretty easy to guess, considering the lack of treats that start with O. Android P, however, won’t be as simple.

We’ve already seen some tricky Android names such as Android Nougat, which many assumed would be Android Nutella, and Android Kit Kat, which many assumed would be Android Key Lime Pie  — meaning our first guesses are likely not going to be correct.

With P comes the potential for Android Pumpkin Pie – well Pumpkin anything – Android Pie, Android Pastry Puff, Android Pecan Pie, Android Parfait, Android Popsicle, and many others.

What do you think Android P will be? Let us know in the comments.