HTC teases new Vive VR headset

Guy wearing the HTC Vive VR

After almost two years, it appears HTC is preparing to announce a new version of its high-end Vive virtual reality headset.

On Friday afternoon, the official HTC Vive Twitter account tweeted out a title card with the words “New Year’s Resolution.” The text itself as well as the way in which it’s stylized, with the word ‘Resolution’ sharper than the preceding ‘New Year’s’, suggests the company’s new headset will feature higher resolution displays. The date on the card, January 8th, 2018, aligns with the start of CES in Las Vegas, Nevada next week.

HTC first announced the Vive, which it co-developed with Half-Life studio Valve, at Mobile World Congress in 2015. The company released a consumer-ready version of the Vive on April 5th, 2016.

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Source: HTC Vive