Google’s Cryptic clues point to I/O 2018 conference being held from May 8-10 in California

Every year, Google likes to tease its annual I/O developer conference by sending devoted fans on a sort of digital scavenger hunt by sharing esoteric clues.

At midnight PST last night, Google posted a Tweet containing an encrypted message.

The image, when translated to binary, points to http://google.com/io. From there, users had to navigate a Google Maps splash page featuring a street view of the Google headquarters.


The next step involved walking inside of the company’s office buildings and opening a series of locks using codewords (culminating in a complex pictoral combination lock), which granted access to the next clue.

By exploring a virtual replica of Mountain View, California’s Shoreline Amphitheatre (where Google has held I/O for the past two years), users finally reached the end of the game and learned that this year’s conference will take place from May 8th to 10th.

Though Google has yet to confirm these findings in any official capacity, the details are so meticulously planned that outside of a major curveball, it looks as though May 8th to 10th at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in California will be the time and location of I/O 2018.

If you’re curious about what last year’s scavenger hunts was like, you can check it out here.

Source:  Twitter Via: Google9to5