Samsung’s latest chipset brings high-end camera features to mid-range phones

Samsung's new mid-range Exynos 9610 chipset

Samsung has announced its latest application processor (AP), the Exynos 7 Series 9610.

Built on the company’s 10-nanometre FinFET process, the chipset is set to arrive inside Samsung’s midrange smartphones later this year.

The Exynos 9610 features an eight-core design with four Cortex-A73 cores running at 2.3GHz and four Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.6GHz. It also has a second-generation Bitfrost-based ARM Mali-G72 GPU, making it a capable chipset all around.

The chip’s main strength, however, is image and video capture. According to Samsung, the image signal processor on the 9610 is 1.6 times faster than the one found on its predecessor, the Exynos 7  7885.

It’s also capable of producing protrait depth of field effects with a single camera and can capture Full HD slow-motion video at 480 frames per second. What’s more, the AI-powered facial recognition functionality built into the chip can focus in on faces even when they’re partially obstructed by hair or headwear, as well as when they’re not facing the camera head-on.

The 9610 is no slouch when it comes to connectivity, either. With support for Cat.12 and three carrier aggregation, Samsung says the chipset’s LTE modem is capable of achieving theoretical download speeds of 600Mbps and upload speeds of 150Mbps.

Source: Samsung