Silicon Valley is getting an HTC Vive virtual reality experience

At this point, it seems like every remotely tech related television show or movie is getting some sort of virtual reality experience.

Silicon Valley, a critically acclaimed HBO show that chronicles the story of fictional start-up Pied Piper, is the latest TV show to get the VR experience treatment.

The experience, dubbed Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel, is set to come to the HTC Vive. The game claims to offer players more than 700 interactive mini games, including playing foosball and, staying true to the show, hitting a virtual bong.

This makes senes given the Silicon Valley VR experience takes place inside the house where the cast lives and works. The experience’s trailer looks eerily accurate to the show’s set, complete with a sloppy kitchen, bunkbeds and a general feeling of disarray.

Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel also includes challenges from Dinesh and Gilfoyle, two mainstay characters on the show. Jared, another character from Silicon Valley, also has a secret message that players are tasked with tracking down.

While the entire concept of the experience is undeniably silly and promotional, Rewind, the game’s developer, have an attention to detail rarely present in VR projects like this. According to Fast Company, Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel is based on 360-degree video captured from the show’s actual set, which seems to have helped with the experience’s authenticity.

The fifth season of Silicon Valley controversially does not feature feature actor T.J. Miller’s popular character Erlich Bachman.

Via: Tech Crunch, Fast Company