Health Canada is recalling 1.5 million uncertified USB chargers

The government department cites electric shock and fire concerns

Health Canada is currently recalling roughly 1.5 million uncertified USB chargers in what the department is calling a “planned national sampling and compliance project.”

Almost of all the recalled chargers are those sold at dollar stores, convenience stores and gas stations across the country, and Health Canada says that these products “were found to pose an unacceptable risk of electric shock and fire.”

According to Health Canada, “certified products can be identified by a recognized certification mark on the product.”

“The certification mark must be on the product itself, not just the packaging,” reads an excerpt from the Health Canada website.

Anyone concerned about the quality of their USB charger can visit Health Canada’s recall website for more information and a list of recalled products.

However, if you purchased a USB charger from a dollar store or convenience store, it’s probably best to stop using the charger and replace it with something purchased directly from a manufacturer — like Apple or Samsung — or from big box stores.

Source: Health Canada