Sony permanently cuts PlayStation VR bundle prices by over $100 in Canada

PlayStation VR headset on table

Sony has announced a permanent price drop on the PlayStation VR in Canada.

Starting on March 29th, Canadian gamers will be able to get PS VR bundles starting at $379.99 CAD, down from the previous standard price of $499.99.

Note that a PlayStation 4 console is required to run the PS VR, as is the PlayStation Camera. The standard PS VR-only bundle doesn’t include the $74.99 Camera, although it is packed in with some of the more expensive packages.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Move controllers, which regularly cost $129.99, are largely optional accessories that offer enhanced motion control functionality, although a small number of games do require them.

Below is a breakdown of the new bundle prices, as well as what each package includes:

  • PlayStation VR (headset only) — now $379.99, previously $499.99
  • PlayStation VR Doom VFR Bundle (includes headset, PS VR 2.0 Demo Disc, PlayStation Camera and a copy of Doom VFR) — now $379.99, previously $499.99
  • PlayStation VR The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Bundle (includes headset, PS VR 2.0 Demo Disc, PlayStation Camera, PlayStation Move controllers and a copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR) — now $449.99, previously $579.99

Sony last slashed the price of the PS VR in August 2017, bringing the headset’s $699.99 October 2016 launch bundle cost down to $579.99.

The company says 220 games are currently available on the PS VR, with more than 180 additional titles set to launch throughout 2018.

Source: PlayStation Blog