BlackBerry launches legal action against Snap for alleged use of patented messaging technology

The beleaguered  tech giant took similar legal action against Facebook earlier this month


BlackBerry is accusing Snap of utilizing its patented messaging technology in Snapchat, echoing similar legal actions the former smartphone giant launched last month against Facebook, including the tech giant’s other platforms, WhatsApp and Instagram.

With CEO John Chen seeking alternative revenue streams for the beleaguered company, it makes sense for BlackBerry to be scouring its large collection of older patents for potential infringements. While this practice can often results in partnerships, in BlackBerry’s case, lawsuits seem to be the route the company is taking.

According to legal documents first reported by the Globe and Mail, BlackBerry alleges that Snap is infringing on six patents issues between 2012 and 2014. Two of these patents are also part of the seven involved in a suit against Facebook filed on March 6th.

The lawsuit accuses Snap of infringing on six patents that pertain to the following:

  • Map Improvement for Mobile Devices
  • User Interface Improvements for Mobile Devices
  • Modern Mobile Advertising Techniques

The lawsuit also includes Snapchat’s Snap Maps feature.

Back in early March, BlackBerry launched legal action against Facebook, claiming that Facebook’s various messaging apps copy the format of company’s once-dominant BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) platform.

BlackBerry recently reached legal settlements with Cisco Systems, low-end smartphone manufacturer Blu and tech communications firm Avaya Holdings.

The following statement from BlackBerry has been sent to multiple publications regarding the lawsuit:

“BlackBerry has a well-earned reputation for protecting and securing our customers’ data and privacy. For more than a year we have been working to establish a dialogue with Snap as we believe there are far more opportunities for partnership than disagreement. While we continue to hold this door open, we also have a strong .”

BlackBerry Snap Inc. Complaint by Kerry Flynn on Scribd

Source: Globe and Mail, Mashable