HTC executive says 5G is a ‘perfect fit’ for VR and AR

Raymond Pao delivered these remarks at the Dubai launch of the HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive Pro

Taiwanese hardware manufacturer HTC thinks that 5G technology would be the “perfect fit” for VR and AR.

Speaking at the Dubai launch of the company’s Vive Pro virtual reality (VR) headset, HTC’s vice president of product and strategy — as well as HTC’s general manager of its Asian market — Raymond Pao told Gulf News that VR and augmented reality (AR) “could be the perfect fit for 5G.”

“There are limitations for current devices but with a better communication protocol, we can move more computing power to the cloud,” said Pao, in an interview with Gulf News. “By that way, we can make the device lighter. We can avoid the cable and cloud connection.”

Pao’s remarks can be taken at face value, since all current technologies will benefit from the introduction of 5G network infrastructure, but it’s important to point out HTC’s history with its virtual reality investments.

Before Google finalized it’s non-exclusive deal to acquire HTC’s smartphone IP, rumours swirled that HTC had plans to sell off its smartphone business while also potentially spinning off its Vive division into a separate business altogether.

Those spin-off rumours have yet to materialize any tangible action, but it’s still important to note that HTC’s currently placing quite a bit off stock into the future of virtual reality.

Pao’s remarks, therefore, are a sign that HTC is seriously invested in VR and AR technology, and that the company’s involvement in VR and AR tech isn’t just a passing fad.

After all, if current trends are any indication, VR and AR isn’t a passing fad either.

According to an IDC report, worldwide VR and AR spending is set to reach $17.8 billion USD by the end of 2018.

Source: Gulf News