Greenpeace criticizes Apple’s recycling robot, calls for greener iPhone design

Apple Daisy robot

This week, Apple unveiled a disassembly robot called Daisy that’s capable of taking apart and recycling up to 200 iPhones per hour.

According to Apple, the robot, which is part of a larger eco-friendly initiative leading up to Earth Day, is more efficient in yielding higher quality components than its previous Liam disassembly robot.

However, environmental organization Greenpeace is now criticizing Daisy, arguing that Apple should instead be investing in iPhone component longevity to reduce the amount of recycling in the first place.

“Rather than another recycling robot, what is most needed from Apple is an indication that the company is embracing one of its greatest opportunities to reduce its environmental impact: repairable and upgradeable product design,” said Greenpeace senior analyst Gary Cook in a statement. “This would keep its devices in use far longer, delaying the day when they’d need to be disassembled by Daisy.”

He added that the average three-to-four week wait for a battery replacement at Apple retail stores suggests customers want to keep their devices longer.

Apple’s report did note that device durability and longevity is one of its goals, stating “when products can be used longer, fewer resources need to be extracted from the earth to make new ones.”

However, Greenpeace did praise Apple for its efforts to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Image credit: Apple

Via: MacRumors