Tesla shares more information about the upcoming Model Y SUV

A new factory is being built to produce the upcoming car

A shadowy image of Tesla's upcoming Model Y crossover SUV

Tesla has revealed more details about its upcoming vehicle, the Model Y.

Up until now, not much has been shared about the Model Y apart from a shadowy image.

The new information was released by Elon Musk during Tesla’s recent Q1 earnings call. What we’ve learned is that the Model Y will start production in 2020, which is a year later than the originally promised date of 2019, according to Electrek.

During the call Musk also stated that the Model Y will be built at an unannounced factory. The new factory location will be shared “no later than the fourth quarter.” This means that we should see where the company plans to manufacture the vehicle later this year.

This new factory could mean that the company is looking to create a revamped production line. Musk originally said that the Model Y would be built on the same production platform as the Model 3, but last year he back-peddled, stating that it will be built on the same platform.

That said, Musk also stated that vehicle will bring “a manufacturing revolution,” according to Electrek. When this is combined with the announcement of a new factory, it makes it seem like the company is leaning towards a new production platform, rather than adopting the one used for the Model 3.

This makes sense given the production problems Tesla has experienced hitting Model 3 production goals.

Source: Electrek