Android P adds alarms, mute/vibrate status to quick settings

R.I.P. alarms quick setting button from Developer Preview 1

With Android P’s new Developer Preview 2 (DP2), Google has moved information about upcoming alarms and mute/vibrate status to the top of the quick settings notification shade.

Google announced the new Developer Preview at its I/O developer conference yesterday. With the public beta available, MobileSyrup promptly loaded it up on our Pixel phones to see just what had changed.

Screenshot of the quick settings panel in Android P

As you can see above, DP1 (left) doesn’t show any information above the brightness adjuster whereas DP2 (right) does. DP2 shows when the next alarm is scheduled and whether your phone is set to vibrate or be silent. If there’s no alarm set, it will just show the ringer status. If the ringer is on, it just shows the alarm. If both are off, it’s empty.

One of the casualties of this new setup is the quick settings button for alarms that showed up in DP1 (you can see that on the left screenshot above as well).

While the quick settings button was nice for getting to your alarms quickly, the new setup keeps things consistent. Whether you have the quick settings expanded or not, you can still see whether you have an alarm set. This keeps the information more consistently available.

Not to mention, it looks pretty good as well.

Overall it’s a small change, but a welcome one. Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference.