Netflix announces first wave of 2018 recommended television sets

Netflix believes these TVs are the best ones for consuming Netflix programming

U.S.-based streaming giant Netflix has announced its first wave of recommended television sets.

LG’s 4K UHD TVs with webOS 4.0 and the Sony W800F/WF800 series Android TVs have made the cut.

Netflix uses seven specific criteria to determine whether or not televisions are worthy of bearing the ‘Netflix Recommended TV’ logo.

Televisions must be capable of tuning on instantly; quickly launch the Netflix app; come with a remote control with a Netflix button; have easy access to the Netflix app icon; be able to resume playback once woken up; have a high-resolution interface of at least 1080p; and also come with the latest version of Netflix.

If a television meets five of these seven criteria requirements, it gets a passing grade.

Source: Netflix

Header image: A Netflix executive looks at a wall of recommended TV sets.