BlackBerry CEO John Chen: ‘We will continue making privacy a core value of our company’

Chen addressed recent privacy concerns, promising that his company will do more and be better


BlackBerry CEO John Chen used his company’s corporate blog to address recent privacy concerns, while promising customers that personal data will remain in their hands.

“At BlackBerry, our mission is to protect data, not to exploit it,” wrote Chen, in a May 15th, 2018 blog post. “It is my strong belief that every individual should own their own data. It should be yours, and yours only.”

Chen further expressed the belief that “data protection and security should be paramount.”

Additionally, Chen remarked that, in Canada, it might make sense to provide the country’s privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien with “more power to protect consumer data from potential abuse.”

Chen’s comments regarding the privacy commissioner echo remarks made by Therrien himself.

Therrien has previously stated that his office needs power to impose fines on companies that fail to adhere to country’s existing privacy protections.

“Now is the time for a robust discussion between policymakers and the tech sector about how much regulatory oversight is needed both to protect privacy and to spur innovation and competition,” said Chen. “At BlackBerry, we will continue making privacy a core value of our company, our products and our services.”

Source: BlackBerry