Google reportedly making AR headset with Qualcomm chips

Google HQ

Google is reportedly developing an augmented reality headset powered by a Qualcomm chip, according to documents obtained by Winfuture.

The German tech site reports that the headset is in the early stages of development with Taiwanese computer maker Quanta.

The headset, which is said to be codenamed the ‘Google A65,’ is reportedly similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality device.

In fact, Winfuture reports that the A65 will use Qualcomm’s QSC603 four-core chips, which are also expected to be incorporated into Microsoft’s next iteration of the HoloLens. The A65 is similarly intended to be self-contained, rather than tethered to another device.

However, the A65 is apparently still in the prototype stage, meaning there isn’t a release window set for it yet.

The A65 wouldn’t be Google’s first AR headset, as the tech giant has also had its Google Glass device on the market since 2013. However, the device drew significant criticism for a variety of reasons, including privacy concerns, price and a lack of features. Even Google executives agreed that there were many shortcomings to the device.

Should the A65 report pan out, it will be interesting to see how Google approaches augmented reality this time around.

Source: Winfuture