Samsung named appliance and electronics manufacturer of the year by Energy Star Canada

This is the second consecutive year Samsung has won both categories

Samsung logo on wall

Energy Star Canada named Samsung Canada the 2018’s Appliance Manufacturer of the Year and Consumer Electronics Manufacturer of the Year.

This is the second consecutive year that Samsung has won both categories. Energy Star wants to highlight Samsung’s continued commitment to energy efficient product innovation.

Samsung expanded the number of Energy Star certified home appliances models available by 19 percent. Additionally, Samsung has 18 percent more Energy Star certified TVs than its closest competitor. The electronics manufacturer also increased the presence of Energy Star information on its website and aided in educating Canadians on benefits tied to Energy Star products.

Furthermore, Samsung partnered with British Columbia’s government-owned BC Hydro to increase awareness for Energy Star certified appliances.

Energy Star is a voluntary partnership between the Canadian government and over 1,500 organizations. The 17 year program works with organizations to help use natural resources wisely through greater energy efficiency.

“Congratulations to Samsung Canada for supporting and promoting Energy Star certified products,” said Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, in a press statement.

“Improving energy efficiency contributes first-hand to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and Samsung’s efforts are making it easier for Canadians to save energy and money while protecting the planet.”

Samsung Canada previously won Appliances Manufacturer of the Year in 2017 as well as Electronics Manufacturer of the year in 2015, 2016 and 2017.