Three new projects spin off from Samsung’s startup program

The projects include a smart garden, a portable directional speaker and a new research platform

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Samsung has announced that it will spin off three new projects from its Creative Lab (C-Lab) startups program.

Samsung started C-Lab to encourage employees to work on innovative ideas. In the past three years, the company has spun out 31 startups from the program. These new projects will bring that number up to 34.


Project Agwart created an indoor smart garden solution called Plantbox.

The solution resembled a small fridge and acts like a greenhouse. Users can insert seed capsules into the device and Plantbox automatically determines the species of the seed and optimizes the internal environment for it.

This includes adjusting lighting, temperature, humidity, air quality and nutrients. Users can monitor and control these things through the companion app too.


Another project group called Catch Flow has developed a portable speaker with directional audio.

The speaker is able to project sound directly forward so only people right in front of it can hear it. Catch Flow was able to reduce the size as well, making the S-Ray a tenth of the size of conventional directional speakers. Additionally, S-Ray uses less power without impacting sound quality or volume.


The last project comes from For Makers. The group designed a research platform called AppBee.

The platform uses AI-based algorithms to analyze mobile usage and connect users with suitable clients automatically.

For Makers is hoping to produce more reliable research results at a lower cost compared to conventional, untargeted surveys. This will enable companies to refine products based on user feedback.

All three startups officially left Samsung on May 31st, 2018 after three months of business consulting and mentoring.

Samsung started the C-Lab program in 2012 and some of the startups have made significant waves. 2017’s Monit developed a baby diaper that can tell the difference between urine and feces and notifies parents accordingly. Monit will be launching it’s first product, ‘Monit by Huggies,’ later this month.

It’s exciting to see Samsung supporting these initiatives and working to equip these startups with tools and knowledge to succeed.

Source: Samsung