Samsung is planning to develop its own GPUs: report

Note 8

According to a report by WinFuture, Samsung is planning to make its own graphical processing units (GPUs) for smartphones.

Samsung has used its own Exynos central processing units (CPUs) for international variants of phones for some time, while in Canada Samsung phones generally use Snapdragon chips. However, Samsung has stuck with Mali GPUs for its devices regardless of CPU.

WinFuture reported that Veronica Smith, a recruiting partner for some of Samsung’s research labs, posted on her LinkedIn that the labs are hiring. Smith is recruiting for Samsung Austin Research and Development center (SARC) and the San Jose Advanced Computing Lab (ACL). The research centers are looking for engineers to help develop GPUs.

Furthermore, the endeavor allegedly is positioned for low tier mobile devices and autonomous vehicles. The GPUs will leverage machine learning, as well.

These GPUs will presumably be used alongside Samsung’s Exynos systems, though there’s no official confirmation just yet.

Either way, the South Korean company could pursue an Apple-like hardware system. By making its own CPUs and GPUs, Samsung could gain more control over its hardware division.

Source: WinFuture Via: Android Police