Ubisoft and Concordia University partner on new VR innovation hub in Montreal

Ubisoft logo on wall

Video game publishing giant Ubisoft has partnered with Concordia University to create ‘XR:MTL,’ an innovation factory aimed at producing extended reality (XR) technologies.

XR combines virtual, augmented and mixed reality technology with physical realities to create immersive experiences. The XR:MTL initiative is co-founded by Concordia University’s Galilei division and will be hosted and managed by Concordia at its campus in Montreal.

The factory will focus on bringing together corporations, startups and academia to collaborate on developing XR applications with clear market potential. XR:MTL aims to work with companies both global and Canadian on joint development projects, product piloting partnerships and knowledge sharing activities.

So far XR: MTL has partnered with the Facebook’s Oculus VR giant, as well as Quebec-based tech companies like D-Box, which creates the moving seats found in Cineplex movie theatres. XR:MTL has also partnered with non-profit consortium Prompt Quebec to support projects enabling the future of XR on 5G networks.

“A new and more mature wave of experiences is emerging. XR technology will find its way into our everyday lives and impact the future of work in many industries,” said StĂ©phane Marceau, CEO of Galilei, in a press statement. “Montreal’s combination of world-class research, technical and creative talent positions us to become a global leader for XR.”

For its part, Ubisoft is working on ‘L’Atelier XR,’ a space inside the XR:MTL factory that aims to collaborate with the larger Montreal XR ecosystem. Ubisoft Montreal is no stranger to VR projects, having developed simulation game Eagle Flight. The studio is also working with The Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood’s SpectreVision company on the psychological horror game Transference.

Ubisoft’s global studios have also published several other VR titles, including Star Trek Bridge Crew and multiplayer game Werewolves Within. 

“For Ubisoft, XR:MTL represents a great platform to build new services and commercial applications, to extend our XR talent base and capabilities, as well as to build a new network of innovation driven partners,” said Deborah Papiernik, vice president of new business at Ubisoft, in a press statement.

“We feel it is now the best time to create the future of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, in concert with Montreal’s emerging and talented community,” added Olivier Palmieri, game director at Ubisoft and director of L’Atelier XR.

Specific XR:MTL projects have yet to be revealed.

Source: Globe Newswire