Pixelbook developers are working on supporting Windows

Pixelbook developers added support for Windows keyboard mapping

Google’s Pixelbook looks like it will support Windows, potentially sometime soon.

Rumours of support for Microsoft’s operating system began when a feature called AltOS first surfaced on the Pixelbook. While users speculated at the time that the feature would allow booting into a different operating system, it looks like that OS is Windows.

A recent tweet from XDA Developers editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman showed evidence of the upcoming Windows support.

A commit on the Chromium Gerrit related to keyboard mapping contained the insightful tidbit. One comment on the commit revealed that Windows typically used one set of keyboard mapping code and Linux used another. No one uses the third set.

This comment is a pretty solid clue that the Pixelbook will support Windows. There’s no reason to support Windows keyboard mapping otherwise.

Hopefully the feature comes to Pixelbooks soon. The ability to boot into Windows would be incredibly useful on the Pixelbook. One of the device’s main complaints is that its too much power for what it is.

When you’re spending $1,299 on a laptop as powerful as a Pixelbook, you likely want that hardware to do some heavy lifting. Unfortunately the lack of programs for Chrome OS makes it not ideal.

Support for Windows would fix that issue by allowing users to switch to Windows when they certain programs that can’t be found on Chrome OS.

Source: Chromium Gerrit Via: Twitter